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Enugu Lawmaker, Hon. Barr. Chima Obieze publishes mind blowing poem to commemorate his birthday.

The lawmaker first dropped the scintillating and educating piece in the year 2017 with the title “As I Age” and since then has been resonating it once his birthday is around the corner.
Pure News Reporters gathered that the Enugu most performing young lawmaker will be celebrating his birthday in a few days, precisely on 31st July 2020.
Read the write-up below to enjoy and learn from the amiable young and performing young lawmaker.


As i age i learn,
To be me, myself & I,
For no one will be me.
To embrace learning & education
For nothing else will keep me growing.

As I age I learn, that making money
Is not what makes a man successful in life.

I learn, that living a good life
Is beyond driving good cars,
having big houses,
And keeping a fat bank account.
For people are not remembered for what they had, but for what they did.

I learn, that it should matter to us all…
to help people. As much as We can.
I learnt, that to help doesn’t always come
In the form of arms giving,
But also in the opening up opportunities,
Creating jobs,
So that people are kept busy
While making a living.
And as you help others live a good life
They, as your workers, make more money for you.

I learn, never to judge people.
Instead, to approach them
Only when it’s very necessary.

I learn, that is is not the men in black or green
Wielding long guns that keep us safe.
A good society keeps violence away
To the extent, that only deviants still indulge.

I learn, that its wisdom
To sometimes, play the fool.

To show love to the people i meet,
Respect them, appreciate them & value them
For who knows the destiny of the next man.

To always spare some good time for thinking,
So i can re-discover myself & never stray.

To remember people who have helped me
No matter how little or insignificant,
Even when it seems i may need them no more,
For we need to keep the doors we cross open
And never anger the door keeper
For others too may need to cross
And we yet, may return someday.

As i age, i look up in deep thought,
Remembering the tears, the pains & pleasures of the years.
Remembering dreams i have dumped
And new dreams i have picked up.

As i age i learn,
I cannot have all that i love
But if i decide, i can love what i have
Like nothing better ever existed.

I learn, that a man never really discovers clearly who he is
Until he discovers his purpose here.

I learn too, that the most valued treasure any successful man can have is “some good old friends”.
Therefore, if you find one genuine person
Treasure ‘em as you would a diamond
For the world is full of treachery.

I remember that i learnt early,
Never to plot the downfall of any man.

As i look up counting as ages have passed, i recall
Lives of precious ones i have lost.
And i appreciate the fact that in my filth,
God kept me safe…undeservedly.

As i age i learn,
To always speak less than necessary,
And to never allow my trust, faith, confidence & believe to spill.

Tonight am reminded,
To always allow the ugly past slide away,
And though fear sometimes may sail into my harbour
To only allow faith to drop anchor.

I learn, that the world will not always like me,
But its good that i live by a code,
Something the world will always remember me for.

As i age i learn….
A man must learn to be friends with the woman he loves
Not a king, no, not a ruler.
Friends for many reasons, but mostly
Because beauty fades, pleasure-urges reduce
Even the breasts that now dance & tingle
Will one day become dry petals of womanhood.
He must create time for treasurable moments & memories
And take lots of pictures
For someday, it is only but the memories,
The friendship & the bond of intimacy
That will keep you together.

As i age i learn,
That the voice of the people is not always the voice of God
So sometimes you need to close your ears
To all that the world have to say & look deep into your soul
To find the truth.

I discover, people will not always love you.
People may not always believe in you.
People may not always share your dreams & thought
People may not always understand you
And you may never get to know nor offer an explanation…
So be who you are. Be steady, steadfast & firm.

Treachery? Spit it out.
As the years pass i have learnt, that
While trusting i should always be prepared for the worst betrayals.

I have learnt, that at each point in your life
There are people who’s greatest dreams are to pull you down.
Never give them the chance,
Never let anything suprise you.
Always noture strength of mind,
To carry you through sudden misfortunes.

Lastly, as i age i have learnt…
Aside God, Family is everything.
Nothing else can be superior, except God.

Three (3) Clear days from today
I shall yet again add another year to my life here on earth.
My resolve is, i will continue to learn from life.

Rt. Hon. Barr. Chima E Obieze
28th July, 2017.
[Pure News Reporters LTD.]

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