EDITORIAL: Is Nigeria not in Dire need of Reform than AU? |Pure News Reporters

According to a popular adage “a man whose house is on fire does not embark on rat hunting”. The Nigeria state as it stands today has found itself in a multi complicated and qaurgmiretic condition . Ranging from weak and imbalance Constitution, disoriented leadership structure, bad security architecture, archaic Economic policies, amongst many others. It is therefore an act of Hypocrite for president Buhari who has refused to hacken to the calls of reforming Nigeria over the past six years he has piloted the Affairs of the country to now be the chief crusader of African Union reform. His refusal to reform our electoral law in 2018/2019 by withholding his assent when the amended electoral act was brought to his table for three good times and his reluctant approach to the call of birthing Nigeria a brand new Constitution that will guarantee a formidable, Progressive, balance and united country are clear proof that he do not have any moral decency to demand for the reform of an organization like the African Union. President Buhari should therefore strive to remove the plank in his eyes, before desiring to remove the speck in another institution’s eye. He has rebuffed all the call for restructuring our leadership structure, and reengineering of our security architecture. It is a slap on the face of Nigerians that a man who refused to enthrone modernized way of cattle rearing in his country is the one preaching policy reformation outside his country even when Farmers/Herders issue is costing the lives and properties of his citizens. Pure News Reporters will therefore wish to inform president Buhari that what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. he should desist from being saint away from home. Since reforming AU is not a taboo, reforming Nigeria cannot and will never be a taboo too.

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