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By Raymond Ugwu
27th March 2021

The President General of Mbuluanwuli Autonomous community, Hon. Daniel Okechukwu Ugwu, today reiterates his commitment in entrenching peace and tranquility in the community

Hon Ugwu made this known during the maiden general assembly meeting organised by the Town Union Government of the autonomous community at Union Primary school Ugwuomu Nike

the PG who thanked the leaders of the two component communities of Nkwubor and Ugwuomu Nike for their efforts in instituting formidable governance in the community solicited for maximum support from the indigenes of the town, noting that without peace and unity there will be no guaranty of meaningful development in the community

In his words; “in as much as the executives members were elected to lead, everybody should see himself as being part of the process of ensuring development and progress in our community. we cannot do this alone, we need your support to move this town forward”.

Also, responding to questions raised by Engr. Cyril Ugwu and Chief Augustine Anike on whether the two communities have a unified common wealth and a planned funding strategy of the town union government, the President General of Ugwuomu Nike Town Development Union, Hon. Felix Nnamani, stated that the constitution of the autonomous community did not recognize a unified common wealth but suggested levy collection from both villages as the convenient means of funding the town union government.

In his response, the Secretary General of Nkwubor Nike Town Development Union, Chief John Chudi Aneke, suggested a uniform annual or monthly mutual financial contributions from both communities to the account of the autonomous Community as the best means of funding the town union government.

Chief Aneke argued that the levy collection approach may not go down well as challenges of variation in contribution capacity from both communities may surface if allowed to be in practice.

“I think to prevent any future bickering, the best way to go is to unanimously decide on a uniform annual or monthly financial contributions to the account of the autonomous Community by the both villages” the secretary advised.

Chief James Okoh and Chief Augustine Anike in their separate speeches advised the PG and his executives to avoid emulating from previous administration who they said was characterized by dictatorship and nepotism.

They further admonished the PG to endeavour to carry everybody along in other to avoid unnecessary rift.

The meeting is the first general assembly meeting convoked by the new PG after officially taken over the mantle of leadership following the death of the former PG, Late chief Simeon Agbowo.

Dignitaries in audience during The meeting were Hon. Daniel Ugwu, the New PG, Hon. Felix Nnamani, PG, Ugwuomu Nike TDU, Hon. Josephat Okoh, PG, Nkwubor Nike TDU, Hon. Samuel Ugwuagbo, Secretary General, Ugwuomu Nike TDU, Chief John Chudi Aneke, Secretary General Nkwubor Nike TDU, Chief Edward Ugwu, Trusteeship Chairman, Nkwubor Nike TDU, Hon. Boniface Agbo, former Administrator, Ujodo Development Council, Council of Elders, Youth leaders and many others.

The meeting witnessed massive turnout of indigenes of Ugwuomu and Nkwubor Nike communities.

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Hon. Daniel delivering his opening Speech
From Left; Hon. Felix Nnamani, Hon. Josephat Okoh, and Chief John Chudi Aneke
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