OPINION: Atiku Abubakar is an educated version of Buhari – Johnpaul Anih |Pure News Reporters

18th May 2021

The reason why many of us came hard on Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for casting doubt on the recent meeting of Southern Governors will soon be clear to you all. GEJ is a poor thinker and quick talker. He is always in a haste to be in good books of our killers while sneering hypocritically on soft targets with his moral grandstanding. That’s his most undoing.

How can a simple meeting generate so much furore, talking point and unease within the Northern ruling rogue elite to the extent that they have been releasing rejoinders to cast smear over that well thought out move by the Southern Governors? This is a question many descerning mind ought to be asking.

For several years the Northern Governors held meetings without informing or inviting Southern Governors to these meetings were they hatched evil against the South, yet Atiku and his rented philosophers didn’t see it as a problem nor complained of its illegitimacy.

During the era of GEJ, the Northern Governors visited the White House under Obama where they used every unsavoury word to smear the government while at the same time exploited the hate Obama nursed against GEJ for resisting his gay activism. Obama in turn sent emissary led by John Kerry to the North where they held secret meeting under a notoriously docile GEJ, seeking peace at the expense of humanity.

Now that the Southern Governors have mustered enough sense to know that their foolishness is causing big problem for the region and decided to come together, everybody suddenly became moral philosopher.

Ask Atiku when they used the Northern Governors to destabilise the previous government how many hands were they clapping with? One or two hands?

Unfortunately, many Igbos and Yorubas are still fighting to replace Buhari with Atiku who in all honesty may just be an educated version of Buhari as history records that the objective of the Fulani tribe in Nigeria is the same. I am yet to see any of them speak against that objective.

This hypocrisy must end.


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