Magodo Incident: Nigeria must move away from military Unitarism to true Federalism –Dr. Odumakin

A human right activist and president of Women Arise and Centre for Change, Dr. Joe Okei Odumakin has described the incident at magodo estate where police CSP vehemently disrespected Lagos State Governor, Sanwo Olu orders as an assault on Nigeria Federalism.

Dr. Odumakin made the call in a press release published through her facebook page and made available to Pure News Correspondent

Read the full below:

Press release
Wednesday, January 5, 2022.

Magodo incident: Assault on our Federalism

The incident at Magodo housing estate where the governor of Lagos State stood helpless before a middle-rank police officer is a disgrace to our democracy, to say the least.

It is also a clear testimony to the fact that we still do not run a Federal system but a unitary system inherited from the military.

The anger of the public against a police officer talking disrespectfully to Lagos governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, may be justified, but the officer in question was just a man under authority, acting on the ubiquitous “order from above”

Between Sanwo-Olu and his “Oga at the top”, it should be obvious who the police officer would obey.

This also clearly shows that our police force is not professional, as is the case in settled democracies.

The onus now is on our political leaders to ensure that we move away from military unitarism to true Federalism.

To arrest this kind of embarrassment, we must restructure the country.

State governors not convinced about the necessity for restructuring should now begin to give the idea a second thought.

A restructured Nigeria will come with state police and the dismantling of the present system where State governors are the chief security officers of their states in words and not in deeds.

This debacle between a Governor and CSP is shameful. This must not be allowed to reoccur.

Be it the IGP or the AGF or both, anyone responsible for the show of shame exhibited at Magodo by the Federal authorities must be brought to book.

Coming so soon after the embarrassing invasion of the residence of a Supreme Court Justice, Justice Mary Odili, by unauthorized persons pretending to be law officers, government must act fast to nip such dangerous power drunkenness and clearly illegal activities in the bud if the country is not to quickly descend into a state of anarchy.


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