2023: Zoning must be based on individual capacity of candidates not region —Wike

Nyesom Wike, governor of Rivers state, says he has no “special interest” ahead of the 2023 elections.

Wike said his goal is to ensure the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is not killed, noting that it is important the party fields a qualified candidate for the presidential election.

The governor spoke on Monday when he visited Ahmed Makarfi, the former national caretaker chairman of the PDP, at his residence in Kaduna.

On the issue of zoning the 2023 presidency, Wike said the party will meet to take appropriate decisions.

“It is not a one-man decision, whether you zone it (presidency) to west, east, north. What is important is somebody that has the capacity to move Nigeria forward,” he said.

“Nigerians are waiting for us and we must bring somebody who has what it takes to move Nigeria from where we are now to what every Nigerian expect.

“We have many people who have what it takes. But at the appropriate time, we will sit down and move forward.

“For me, I have no other place other than PDP. When people hear me come out, they think I have a special interest. The special interest I have is that this party should not be killed.

“Time will come when PDP will look at those qualified. We are not going to base it on the fact that you are from the south or north.

“Even if it is zoned to the south or north, we will sit down and look at people who have the capacity.”

The Rivers governor added that members of the party must unite to win the 2023 elections.

He said the All Progressives Congress (APC) has failed the country and Nigerians are looking up to the PDP for a way forward.

“My ambition is for PDP to be reunited. If you have a united party, then you are sure of victory. Does it make sense if you have a presidential ticket of a party and the party cannot win an election?” he asked.

“So for me, the unity of the party is paramount. It is not about going about (saying )you want to be president.

“For me, it is how the party united and fight this evil, this monster they call the APC.”

Wike said his visit to Makarfi had nothing to do with his personal ambition, adding that “I came here to see one of our leaders who has done well for the party”.
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