Ezza/Effiom war: suspected Uffiom Militias allegedly attacked Two Benue Communities

According to an eye witness, Mathias Okoro, the suspected militia attacked Osukputu and Anmeka Communities both in Ulayi ward, Ado local government area of Benue State.

Mr. stated in his Facebook account stated that the attack took place on Monday, February 14, 2022

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Since the outbreak of the uffiom/Ezza conflict, I personally have never witnessed an attack not until Monday the 14th February 2022. On that day at osukputu and Anmeka villages the uffiom militias and their mercenaries invaded the two villages located in ulayi ward of Ado local government area of Benue state. Their mercenaries appeared on black wear and the rest on mufti.

At about 3pm, there was sporadic gun shoot at Anmeka through Azuefuru in osukputu village till about 4:30pm. There was destruction of life and property with reckless abandon. Houses were set ablaze by the uffiom militias.

As if that is not enough ,they came again on wenseday the16th February but this time they were repelled by the village vigilante and they took to their heels.

I’m quite aware that senator Abba moro have contributed his quota in ensuring that the Ezzas in Benue sleep with their eyes closed but I have been wondering about the effort of the Ado local government chairman in this direction. Can’t he partner with the state government to secure life and property under his watch? Evil triumph when men of goodwill are silent. It is clearly stated in the Nigeria constitution that the primary aim of government is the security and welfare of the people. W

hereby there is no security, it implies that there is no government. The silence of Ado local government chairman over this mayhem may imply that he have a hidden agenda. Inikiri market have been consumed by the war and this market gives the local government lot of their internally generated revenue. Enough is Enough of this mayhem in Ado local government area.

copied: Mathias Ukoro

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