Breaking: Dozens dead as Russia Launches full-scale attack in Ukraine


The US and its allies have condemned Russia and are imposing more sanctions after Moscow launched an attack on Ukraine and Kyiv overnight. President Vladimir Putin threatened “consequences you have never seen” to any country that tries to interfere

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned Russia after it launched an attack on the country overnight Wednesday that for the sake of Ukrainians “freedom,” “lives” and their “children’s lives we will defend ourselves.”

Meanwhile, Britain’s biggest domestic lender Lloyds said on Thursday it was on “heightened alert” for cyberattacks from Russia as the crisis in Ukraine has worsened.

“We’ve been on heightened alert… internally around our cyber risk controls and we’ve been focused on this now for quite a while,” Lloyds CEO Charlie Nunn told reporters after the bank’s full-year results. 

Preparation for potential cyberattacks was discussed in a meeting between the government and banking industry leaders about Russia on Wednesday, Nunn added. Lloyds has been on heightened alert for the “last couple of months”, Nunn said.
source: Fox News

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